With flap over the laces        


                                                                                                      The BEST Pair

To Get Your Hands On!


  • Laces Undo Easily at end of the day
  • You won't cut your laces
  • Mocs don't get full of grass seed, burrs etc.
  • Exclusive long lasting liner for extra comfort

Wear buckles on the inside....Easier to do up, holds shape better.

Alternate your mocs for even wear.

"Snatch'em" Mocs

Elastic Sided Gunrunners®

Design Reg.No.130445

  • Just do laces up once to fit your foot
  • No Need to undo laces again!
  • Pull them on or off like a pair of boots
  • Exclusive Long lasting liner for extra comfort
  • Lighter weight Moc because liner is only in the bottom where you stand.
  • Great for the warmer weather

ELASTICONStay Longer in bed and be first to the shower or cold drinks because..........

One Quick Pull &








Leather Gunrunner® Shearing Moccasins

  • Made from leather we have made to our specifications for longer wear
  • Exclusive long lasting liner for extra comfort






No Flap Gunrunner® Shearing Moccasins

A feature of any Gunrunner Moccasin whether it is With Flap over the laces, Elastic Sided or No Flap   is our high sides up around your ankles. This allows dungas to overlap which helps eliminate grass seeds, burrs etc; getting in the top   of the moccasins.

  • Exclusive long lasting liner for extra comfort


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